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Answer Me is not quite a “found-footage” film but it is similar, so having a cast of unknown but great actors plays into the concept of the film. And it's going to be an unorthodox, guerrilla style, non-union production. So we are looking for people who will embrace this with the drive and dedication needed to help make Answer Me the next great indie film. 


If you are up to the challenge, read on to learn more about the characters and our auditions.






Each name below doubles as a link to the audition sides for that character. Contact us if you have trouble with the links. Cell phone video will be fine, only your performance needs to be professional quality. To that end, take your time, prepare and give it your best shot. Also, take a moment to introduce yourself.


Every character in this script gets a chance to shine and you are welcome to audition for more than one role but send a separate video/email for each.

What are we looking for in the auditions? Realness. Make us believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.


Once you're happy with your video, send it to with the name of your character as the subject.

If you have a reel, send the link as well.




**The race of each character is open**


DARREN – (mid-30s to late 40s) Besieged businessman, onscreen the bulk of the film, must have the screen presence  to captivate the audience and the ability to convey a wide range of emotions. If "emotional rollercoaster" weren't a cliché, it would be used here. 


TONI / THE VOICE – (late-teens to 20s) The diabolical hacker who can go from sweet and affable to angry and commanding in no time flat. Her voice is in 90% of the film. She also physically appears in a few scenes but her face is never revealed. However, she will be the face of the aforementioned marketing campaign. In many ways, this is her movie.


MOLLY – (mid to late 20s) Darren’s wife, innocent on the surface with a hint of something underneath. She goes on an emotional ride every bit as wild as Darren's. This is the most physically demanding role of the film as she spends a good chunk of it chained up and terrorized. There are also a few sex scenes and nudity required. To play her, you'll need to be comfortable with these scenes which will be fully discussed before anyone is offered the role. 


KENNETH – Toni's masked henchman, large menacing presence but with some good lines (if I do say so myself).


GRACE – Darren’s hard-working, little bit feisty secretary. She even has a bit of a hero moment.


BILL – Darren's innuendo-spouting asshole boss, gruff but with humor, must be able to take a fall.


MATTHEW – (20s to mid-30s) Molly's lover, sex scenes and some nudity required. Matthew only has a couple of scripted lines, so submit a monologue of your choosing and/or links to your reel or portfolio.



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